How to Make an Extra Buck in Frisco

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Strapped for cash? Or maybe just interested in making an extra $50 or so in Frisco, Texas? You and I have that in common.

I’ve been packing up my current apartment and getting ready to move to the Ablon @ Frisco Bridges and naturally this has led to me sorting through every single piece in my closet. After looking through my current collection and asking myself 1) Have I worn this in the last year?, and 2) Will I wear this again in the year to come?, I ended up with quite the pile of “no’s”.

After doing some light research on what to do with these clothes, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of consignment clothing stores. Not familiar with the consignment clothing stores? Not only will someone open their arms and doors to welcome in my rejected clothes, but they will actually buy them from me. Oh happy day! Basically, you bring the consignment store your clean and folded, gently used clothes, fill out a form at the front counter, and about 20-45 minutes later they call you up with a quote on your clothes. And anything they don’t buy is given back to you to keep, sell to a different consignment shop, or donate.

While you wait for the store to quote your clothes, you can browse around the store, try clothes on, or even leave to run errands and come back. There is quite a lot to browse in the stores! Many stores have good quality, brand name clothing, purses and bags, and shoes. One of the consignment shops I went to was Uptown Cheapskate in Frisco and they had a pretty decent selection of bags including Marc Jacobs and Coach. They also had a very organized store! Everything was sorted by category (dresses, jeans, tops, etc) and sorted by size within that category which made browsing a breeze. I highly appreciate this level of organization!

So how much did I get for my pile of “no’s”? I was given the option of taking $68 of store credit or $55 cash with no strings attached. That’s a pretty good deal on clothes that I was’t wearing in the first place! Since I’ve been trying to downsize and am currently in between apartments, I decided to steer away from anything that would result in me adding things back into my closet for the time being and took the $55 cash.

So there you have it! The next time you de-clutter your closet, turn to consignment shops for an added bonus. I would highly recommend checking out Uptown Cheapskate and Plato’s Closet (both located in Frisco).


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