Do’s and Don’ts for Your Night Out at The Londoner, Frisco

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Are you taking full advantage of your local hangouts, bars, and restaurants in the Frisco, Texas community? This past weekend I explored this question for myself and sought out my answer at The Londoner in Frisco by Frisco Square. What I came to realize was there are a handful of do’s and don’ts, keys to success, or even rules if you will, to fully taking advantage of this British style pub:

DO: Let your waiter/waitress briefly walk you through the drink menu (including beerswinesliquors and cocktails) and make recommendations off of your preferences.
DON’T: Wing it and take a stab in dark at ordering a drink based off of the name alone.
WHY: My waiter was great at The Londoner! He offered to walk my friend and I through our personal preferences but like fools, we declined and resorted to selecting our drinks quickly in an effort to start the night. While our selections were okay, they weren’t quite what either of our taste buds were really after that night. We called our waiter back over and he ever so kindly walked us through the menu and guided us the the right choices for us. I had an Abita Purple Haze and it was definitely that solid choice I should have gone with during round 1. Thanks awesome Londoner waiter for the steering us back on course!

DO: Look up local events for the pub and attend them.
DON’T: Show up too late and miss the highlights!
WHY: This past week, The Londoner – Frisco had a handful of events/specials to celebrate Dallas Beer Week. I was so excited to take part in the festivities, but didn’t make it out until the last day on Saturday evening only to realize that I missed most of the highlights from the week. I still had a great time (how could you not?) and even tough I missed out on the climax of the festivities, there were still plenty of fun options do to everyday at The Londoner.

DO: Order an appetizer! There are some tasty ones to choose from.
DON’T: Over order with an appetizer, a cup a soup with bread, and an entree while washing it all down with a couple beers.
WHY: I had the Chorizo and Cheddar Stuffed Jalapenos for an appetizer at The Londoner – Frisco, and they were delicious! But then I let my appetite get the best of me as I proceeded to order way too much food for one person including the Tomato Soup with Cheese Toast and Chicken Skewers. I made it through the soup and toast when I realized I was out of room and didn’t get a chance to try my main entree. I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach this time around, but I’m sure I’ll be back to try those Chicken Skewers soon!

DO: Play pool or darts!
DON’T: Wait too long to claim a spot in the pool or darts stations.
WHY: I love a great game of pool and darts! The Londoner – Frisco has a great set up for both games. When I first got there, both areas were vacant but after about 45 minutes, both pool and darts sections had ongoing games and you could feel the competitive spirits in the air! Word to the wise, grab those available pool or darts area opportunities while they’re open. They sure fill up fast and are sure to contribute to a fun filled night.

Follow these do’s and don’ts to point you in the right direction, but even if you choose to steer your own way you’ll be sure to have a great time! The Londoner – Frisco has tons to offer such as weekly specials, events, full menu including brunch, and a range of beerswinesliquors and cocktails. Don’t miss out.

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